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The products distributed by Pecuniary, Inc., are products that solve problems.

You have a significant investment in your stuff. You may use your stuff for transportation, recreation, or to make a living.  You may be the person that is responsible for maintaining it for the company you work for. Uptime, cost effective operation, and reliability is the highest priority. You want it to operate at peak performance … all the time.

You know that to get the most out of your equipment, you must use the best maintenance practices and the best products that will keep your stuff running for many years to come. The best products to achieve that purpose is what Pecuniary, Inc. sells.

Pecuniary, Inc, acts as a Manufacturer’s Representative or as a Dealer in it’s capacity of selling products designed, engineered and/or formulated by two companies.  AXI International, Corp. and Pecuniary, Inc. has had an agreed relationship since 1996. AMSOIL and Pecuniary, Inc. has had an agreed relationship since 1994.  These relationships go further than just selling products.  Pecuniary has worked with the management and employees of both companies extensively.

Pecuniary, Inc. has created and maintains five websites for the purpose of selling the quality products of both companies and provides services to customers that require the types of products sold by and service by Pecuniary, Inc.

AXI-International Products:

AMSOIL Products:

The first section below are the products of AXI International. These products address the unique problems with using diesel fuel to power your stuff.  Diesel fuel is subject to degradation in a much shorter time frame than gasoline.  Diesel Fuel becomes dark in color and loses its combustibility over time.  Storage in fuel tanks also contributes to fuel problems as water commonly collects in the bottom of tanks providing a habitat for the growth of microbes including fungi and bacteria that degrades the fuel.

Diesel fuel  is often used in construction and farming equipment, marine applications, and electric power generators, providing both primary and emergency backup power applications.  Diesel fuel is stored for many months, and sometimes years.  The mandated reduction of sulfur from Diesel Fuel in 2007 and other issues with biodiesel blends have also proven to be problematic with the use and storage of diesel-fuel.

We provide replacement disposable supplies, such as filtration products, and products used for drawing samples of fuel and for testing fuel quality and to address concerns with microbial contamination, diesel fuel being out of specification. The products are presented in detail on the web site and will solve your performance and efficiency problems with diesel fuel.

If you are interested in Do-It-Yourself Fuel Polishing (individuals, small repair shops, or owners of a diesel powered marine craft, motor home, backup power generator, etc., visit the web site for a simplified introduction to fuel polishing and online shopping for the TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Polishing System.

AMSOIL pioneered the use of synthetic motor oil in automotive and truck applications and began marketing their product through independent dealers in 1972.  The second section of this webpage below provides links to products in general categories with which most people are familiar.

AMSOIL offers the best fully synthetic drive train fluids, gear lubricants, grease, and specialty products for your toys, including motorcycles and 4-wheeler oil, outboard motor oils, compressor oil, hydraulic fluids, and other industrial lubricants. Premium long-left oil and air filters are a mainstay of AMSOIL’s broad line of premium products. The links below will take you to the web site and provide you will considerable additional information on products, applications, and insight into the benefits of the AMSOIL.

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Pecuniary, Inc. — It’s all about saving you money.

Products That Stabilize Diesel Fuel During Long
Term Storage & Keeps Diesel Fuel
Tanks Clean

Portable/Mobile Tank Cleaning &
Fuel Polishing Systems for the DIY Equipment Owner

An Online site is available that focuses on the Equipment Owner that prefers Do-It-Yourself Fuel Polishing using the TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Polishing System.  Ideal for small to moderate sized marine vessels, Recreational Vehicles, Construction, Farm, Trucking, and Emergency Generator Tanks up to 1,500 gallons.  Visit for more information.

TK-240 XT Portable Fuel Polishing
MTC-X Mobile Cart Mounted Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning System
MTC HC-50 Mobile Pallet Mounted Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning System
MTC HC-150 Mobile Pallet Mounted Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning System
TK-240 XT Portable
MTC-X Mobile Cart
MTC HC-50 Pallet
MTC HC-150 Two Pallet
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Diesel Fuel Polishing &
Automated Tank Cleaning Systems

STS 6000 and 7000 Series Enclosed Automated Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Systems, and the Compact FPS Wall Mounted Systems are available in a wide range of fuel flow configurations for any application.  The STS 73000 Series, rated at 300 gallons per minute, is the ultimate Skid Mounted High Volume Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning System.

STS 6000 Series Automated Systems
STS 7000 Series Automated Systems
STS 7300 Series Automated Systems
FPS-Compact Fuel Polishing System
STS 6000 Series Automated Systems
STS 7000 Series Automated Systems
STS 7300 Series Automated Systems
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Fuel Conditioners, Additives &
Fuel Maintenance Products

Replacement Supplies (filters, gaskets, re-build kits, etc.) and Components are available for all Systems, including MTC and MTC HC Mobile Series, Compact FPS Series, and STS Series Systems, as well as Fuel Conditioners, AFC Series Broad Spectrum Diesel Fuel Stabilizer, Catalyst, and Tank Cleaning Additives, Fuel / Water Separators, Fuel Sampling Devices, Fuel Testing Products, the Water Eliminator and other products and supplies.

LG-X Fuel Conditioner
Liqui-Cult Fuel Test Kits
DC4-Vent Breather with Desiccant
AFC-710 Fuel Catalyst & Tank Cleaning Additive
TS Tank Samplers
WE12 Water Eliminator
Separ Fuel Filter / Water Separators
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AMSOIL Synthetic Lurbricants

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